School of The Damned: Blood From a Stone

A group exhibition of works by members of School of the Damned (SOTD) 2020/21 cohort.

SOTD is an alternative art school, set up in (2014) in reaction to the rising cost of academic fees. The cohort of 2020 is roughly 30 people, spread across the UK & Berlin, with an interest in art making, art theory and alternative models of education. School of the Damned has no fixed location and no tuition fees and traditionally met up once a month to organise and discuss the school.

SOTD has a growing reputation as one of the most recognisable alternative education platforms. We promote artists and organise spaces for learning. We do so on a labour- exchange model, meaning, we do not pay partners and collaborators but instead exchange time, energy and skills.

Hosted by GLOAM. Curated by Thomas Griffiths.

Mollie Balshaw
Maddie Banwell
Rebekah Beasley
John Carney
James McColl & Thomas Griffiths
Campbell McConnell
Grace Collins
Imogen Rough
Liam Cosford
Natasha Eves
George Gibson
Liam Newnham
Craig David Parr
Luke Routledge

20 Nov-4 Dec 2021