Alistair Woods: Doves & Crossbones

Doves and Crossbones is an exhibition by Alistair Woods that reflects on cultural and societal identities. The works make reference to trade union banners and the flags and banners found at football matches, both of which people stand under or behind to help represent and express their identity. The compositions are inspired by abstractly anecdotal marks, found on the street and in urban spaces, that feel functional and charming.

Despite the different approaches to how they are created, a common thread within the trade union banners and football fan flags is the use of symbolism and iconography to express ideas and qualities. This is similar to the use of imagery in renaissance paintings. Common trade union motifs are doves for peace, beehives representing the cooperation of the workforce and red is the colour of courage and labour. Flowers were often used as a symbol of life and growth in renaissance paintings, whilst skulls signify the certainty of mortality. The skull has also been adopted by football fans, on one hand in quite a sinister way, with unfortunate links to the far right but also using the skull with crossbones, as a joyful representation of their desire to live their lives free of rules.

Curated by Stuart Burke.

26 Mar-10 Apr 2022
Saturdays 12-4pm
or by appointment