Lucy Crouch & Matthew Vaughan: Tracing Matter

GLOAM presents: Lucy Crouch & Matthew Vaughan’s Tracing Matter.

Crouch & Vaughan have been working together since late 2021, exploring a shared interest in the resonance of materials.

Their current research focuses on the qualities of charcoal, pulling out the resonant sounds through and within charcoal and producing prints using charcoal as print medium. The charcoal is made from waste pieces of oak timber, originating from French forests. Crouch & Vaughan both consider every aspect of the charcoal’s history and material transformations as mutable matter important. They are interested the potential of the charcoal as a resonant object and, for Crouch in particular, the question of the concept of drawing - recognising drawing through and within material in its unfolding.

This project is supported by Sheffield City Council.

Opening Night: 1 September 18:00–21:00 2023
Opening Times: 2 Sat & 3 Sun as part of Sheffield Showcase Festival (12:00–16:00)
And then open Saturdays (12:00–16:00) or by appointment until September 24.


Curated by GLOAM Co-director Stu Burke