Florence Peake, Hester Reeve, Mark Titmarsh & John Latham: Material Action

GLOAM presents: Material Action with Florence Peake, Hester Reeve, Mark Titmarsh & John Latham.

Material Action brings together four artists working with expanding ideas of painting. This exhibition explores the collaboration between painting and performance, material and body. Through the body’s interaction with these materials and objects we understand their qualities more intimately. Latham, Peake, Reeve and Titmarsh push the possibilities of painting through dance, live performance, documentation and interaction.

Opening Night: 04 October 18:00–21:00 (Live Performance 19:00).
Opening Times: 7 & 8 Octover (12:00–16:00).

With special thanks to Flat Time House, London (@flattimeho) and their Director & Curator Gareth Bell-Jones (@gbelljones).

Material Action is also a satellite show of the Biennale Internationale d’Art Non Objectif #7 curated by artist Roland Orépük (@rolandorepuk). Thanks also to Billy Gruner (@billygruner) for the invitation to work alongside the Biennale.

Material Action artist Mark Titmarsh will be doing a Transmission Lecture on 04 October at Sheffeild Hallam University (@shufineart) (12:30–13:45) in Adsetts Lecture Theatre (Room 6620), Arundel Gate, Sheffield.

Thank you to all involved:

John Latham

Curated by GLOAM Co-director Stu Burke.