Beneath the Pewter Sky

GLOAM forefronts a group of artists from across the UK, identifying within the LGBTQIA+ community.  Beneath the Pewter Sky explores a multitude of narratives, through sculpture, video, textiles and digital media. The artworks transport the viewer to another place through themes of fantasy, sci-fi and blurred realities.Beneath the Pewter Sky presents works that emit resilience

and strength while woven with a sensitive tenderness, retracing history and writing a future of possibility. A huge thankyou to the artists involved and for the importance and efforts of their work: Dan Chan, Charlotte Cullen, Gusty Ferro, India Garry, Will Hughes, Kumbirai Makumbe, David Reynolds, Connor Shields and Danielle Williams.

Curated by Thomas Griffiths.  

Private View: September 30th 6–9pm.  
October 01st – October 15th.
Saturdays 12–4pm, or by appointment

India Garry