160 Arundel Street, Sheffield, S14RE


Lucy Crouch & Matthew Vaughan: Tracing Matter


Roo Dhissou: Courses for Dis-Course(s)
Jack Ginno: Mirror

Jonny Davey & Sam Francis Read: Bogland
Dale Holmes:
Welcome to Map Making Guide of Drystine Walling One-Eyed Giants
GLOAM at Eastside Projects:

If It Thunders on All Fool’s Day

GLOAM at Two Queens:
Studio-Holder Show
Nisa Khan:
Undress me with your eyes...


Harold Offeh:
Creating Patterns

Group Show:
Beneath the Pewter Sky

Victoria Sharples:
Offering from the River

Celeste McEvoy:
Forehead on the Glass

Group Show: 
An Expanding Field

Two Queens at GLOAM:
Members Show 2022

Alistair Woods:
Doves & Crossbones


School of The Damned:
Blood From a Stone

Flo Main:
FOCM Spring Summer

General Practice:
Method Lab Part Two

Stella Baraklianou:
The Magician

Joe Singleton:
Million Tons Per Annum


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GLOAM is a collectively-run exhibition and studio space located in Sheffield City Centre. It was set up by Mark Riddington on Mary Street in 2017. Since 2020, GLOAM has been run by four co-directors (Stu Burke, Thomas Lee Griffiths, Victoria Sharples & Rose Hedy Squires) at 160 Arundel Street; the former location of the DIY music venue, The Lughole.

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An Expanding Field

“Painting today is a boundless practice, only limited by the artist’s imagination. Expanded painting requires you to ‘think outside the box’, or in a lot of cases ‘…off the canvas’. An Expanding Field celebrates 21 international artists who stretch the boundaries of painting, conceptually and physically dismantling the traditions of painting and reconfiguring, reducing and modifying them to become an existence of process and ideas. The show will be unapologetically colourful and playful and immersive.”

Artists from Spain, Turkey, Germany, The Netherlands, Australia, USA, UK, Ireland and Panama were invited to exhibit in this group show, providing a cross section of international expanded painting from across five continents. Stu Burke was invited by Deb Covell and Kieran Brimm to host an exhibition of expanded painting on the back of Border Crossing at Pineapple Black, Middlesborough (2021) curated by Kieran Brimm and Yellow Archangel: Perceiving Anomalies at General Practice, Lincoln (2021) curated by Paul Bramley and Allyson Keehan. An Expanding Field continues the rigorous examination of expanded painting initiated by its predecessors.

Hosted by GLOAM, curated by Stuart Burke

Nicola Bolton (UK)
Kieran Brimm (UK)
Stu Burke (UK)
Deb Covell (UK)
Ronan Dillon (IRL)
Charlie Franklin (UK)
Jack Ginno (UK)
Philipp D Göbel (DE)
Dan Hamer (UK)
Alys Kuu (ES)
Jane Morter (UK)
Aslιhan Mumcu (TUR)
Beth O’Grady (USA)
Ismael Ortiz (PAN)
Sean Pearce (UK)
Molly Thomson (UK)
Alison Tirrell (USA)
Mark Titmarsh (AUS)
Kees Van De Wal (NL)
Wilma Vissers (NL)
Just Yvette (NL)

Opening night - 10th June 6-9pm
Open Saturdays (11th, 18th & 25th June) 12-4pm
Open Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd July 12-6pm
Sunday - Friday by appointment